Global Food, Drug, and Cannabis Safety: New Tools, Issues, and Regulations

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Time Speaker Topic
7:30 AM   Registration/Breakfast
8:30 AM Brooke Schwartz, Rheonix, President PSW-AOACI Welcome
8:45 AM Dan Solis, Director-Division of West Coast Imports, -FDA Keynote: Effecting the future of FDA Port Operations with the use of Scientific Tools and Techniques
9:30 AM Dr. Channah Rock, Associate Professor, Department of Soil, Water, and Environment Science, University of Arizona Overview of the E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Investigation and Outcomes of the Leafy Greens Task Force
10:10 AM   Break
10:40 AM Kirsten Blake, Vice President, Emerald Scientific FSIS’s regulatory measures for managing risks in food safety
11:20 AM Robert A Di Lorenzo, Senior LCMS/MS Applications Scientist, SCIEX Beyond Contaminants – Assessing Citrus Oil Product Quality while Quantitatively Screening for Pesticides
12:00 PM   Lunch
1:00 PM Darla Bracy, FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs, District Director, San Francisco District Office Food Safety Modernization Act Update
1:40 PM   Break
2:10 PM AOACI-PSW Business Meeting  
2:40 PM Jenny Nelson, PhD Research Scientist Agilent Technologies and Adjunct Professor UC Davis Arsenic, Iodine, and Bromine Speciation Analysis in Infant Formula, and Nutritional Products using HPLC-ICP-MS
3:20 PM Dr. Michelle Carter, USDA-ARS Effect of packaging systems on the survival of important foodborne pathogens (Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Salmonella enterica) on commercial table grapes
4:00 PM Deborah McKenzie, Senior Director, Standards Development, AOAC INTERNATIONAL A Complete and Harmonized Quality System Through Analytical Excellence
5:00 PM RECEPTION - All invited to attend  

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Time Speaker Topic
7:30 AM Registration/Breakfast  
8:30 AM Brooke Schwartz, Rheonix, President PSW-AOACI Welcome
8:45 AM Steven J Lehotay, Residue Chemistry and Predictive Microbiology Research, USDA - ARS Keynote: QueChERs sample prep technology
9:30 AM Alica Davis, NOAA-NMFS Western Region Recent rules/program updates with an overview of organoleptic (sensory) grading of seafood (hands on)
10:15 AM Benjamin Miller, PhD, MPH, Senior Director of Food Safety, The Acheson Group Developing defensible sampling plans for hazards associated with cannabis edible products
10:55 AM   Break
11:25 AM Cameron Prince, The Acheson Group Canadian Food Safety Regulations and Implications for Edible Cannabis
11:55 AM   Lunch
12:55 PM Travis Ruthenburg, CSO SteepHill Lab Cannabis Testing and Analysis
2:00 PM Mark Lewis, NAPRO Terpene analysis and chemotyping of cannabis strains
2:30 PM   Break
3:00 PM Kevin Smith, Lab Director, NaPro Research Complexities of Pesticide Analysis of Cannabis and Hemp, Understanding Matrix Effects, and Best Practice Remediation Strategies for Both
3:30 PM Marielle Weintraub, PhD; President of the Board of Directors, US Hemp Authority and Strategic Business Development Director, Eurofins Farm Bill 2018 and Its Implications for Analytical Testing Requirements (Hemp)
4:00 PM Michelle Philips, Senior Environmental Scientist, California Department of Food and Agriculture California’s Industrial Hemp Program


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